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Hi folks! Do you think I shoud open commissions? And would you actually buy something from me?
  • Listening to: Aqualung-Magnetic North
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<da:thumb id="370787230"/> The Praying Hands by AmBr0
Ma_mistake - Barbara Palvin by grafnarq Enigma by jUnity feathers-oar-blades by carolineseales 
D12 - Roots by Adelaida  just sketch by SandraWhite Portrait of a girl by LORETANA
KEEL a little -Niwse ligo- by MarySdfghjkl  ghost by proxi-mity The four of us are dying by NicoSaba
  .shadowdance. by Eldanis Skinny Love by AngelinaBenedetti
  • Listening to: Vienna Teng-My Medea
               creek attempt VII by andrekosslick autumn lights by miezeTatze 
Autumn by tanya-and-coffee Eternal Autumn by i-see-faces Beckon by Capturing-the-Light

  the way home by mihmann Autumn Dream by LusiusMalfoy Photo 28 Year 2011 version+ by jeesica
  Autumn Macro by RebeccaTripp  colours of death by palominodweezil autumn sun by kosharik69 
  Jewellery by Thinking-Silence The End of Existence by MarsiaMS 587 by Nigrita
                                  Frozen to Death by Dave-Derbis
Ran by Yuushin7 BROTHERS by WermoongRey Texhnolyze by vinny-vieh
Mad walls wired sky by mikopolRan, Texhnolyze by hel999 Texhnolyze by Niladhevan
Toyama's face by FlangSedai
  • Listening to: Grendel-Rotting Garden
flower31 by PictureByPali Move on. by this-is-the-life2905 Flower12 by MyroslavaLendel
A w a k e n i n g by MarcoHeisler Sakura ring from polymer clay by Krinna
:thumb149656096: Nature Haiku.Cascade of petals,
Falling from the tall pink trees,
Swept onto the ground.

COLOUR OF SPRING by ARTBYTERESA Signs of Spring by LuizaLazar Queen of the Woodland Spring by RebeccaTripp
:thumb294427093: My friend yellow by rainman65 spring flowers by kosharik69
Spring Rain by RawPoetry The first flowers 6 by allim-lip
  • Listening to: Birdy Nam Nam-Manual For Sucsessful Rioting
An year ago I decided to create an account on deviantART.An year on dA was awesome!I have learnt a lot,discovered so many amazing artists and found new friends.THANK YOU PEOPLE!:butterfly:
  • Listening to: Florence&amp;The Machine
  • Reading: what I just wrote
Crawling Darkness by Thinking-Silence my daughter's mandala by hadas64 structure complexe by baspunk
Down by zloypolzun Form by Surehuinel Craving Freedom by LevAni11
Obsession by dragon-fly-to-me * by neuzheli Day 321 of my 366 Drawing Project by secrets-of-the-pen
Bridge by LORETANA Black, White, Mess and Spike by NeworldPhoto Upekha I by NSolanki
Destiny by fashioneyes senza titolo by loba79
:iconxmaslights1: :iconxmassignplz: :iconxmaslights1: :iconmerryholidaysplz: :iconxmaslights1: :iconnewyear2plz: :iconxmaslights1:

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to everybody=)
  • Listening to: Moby-The Low Hum
Ladybug by R4p70r Drops attraction-2 by DragonflyAndromeda As we dance by xChristina27x
Prizemljeno Sunce by MateaLoncar :thumb290799513:
Frosty Morning by Yuki-Almasy Drops... by MyroslavaLendel Message with Wings by xOronar
almost levitating by anaumceski drops by AdrianaKH-75