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Wastelands by AnastasiaMorning Wastelands by AnastasiaMorning
 Can't believe I finished this. Took me forever.
This is vexnir 's character Xepher Character Art: Xepher
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Kalik-ing-Away Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2015  Hobbyist
This is incredible! I don't even have words.
AnastasiaMorning Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015
Thank you)
Sorry for the late reply.
I wish I coul fav this comment.It made my day!I'm glad you like it :D (Big Grin) I LOVED painting it! You have awesome characters and I wish you luck on your story. By the way do you plan to make it a comic or are you writing a book? Just asking.
If you want I can send you the bigger version of this pic via email.The original is really huge.
Also doesn't it look too dark on your screen?
vexnir Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015   General Artist
No problem at all! And likewise, your reply (and the art!) made my day too. :heart: Also, it's still my laptop's wallpaper and I just love it to no end. And I am so, so glad you enjoyed painting it and very flattered over the fact you like my characters, I never expected anybody would like them let alone draw them. It's a little dream of mine coming true, haha. And I plan for it to be a comic! However, I am currently writing it in a book format, so I can have text first and then use that as a scenario for the comic. I don't think my art skill is high enough yet to start on the comic, so I just focus on putting it down as literature for now. I don't think the writing itself will be published anywhere though, unless anyone asks me to read it. I am not too good of a writer so I'll just stick to drawing it out, haha.

And sure, I'd love to have that! Maybe I could print it out and hang it in my room then. :heart: And not at all, it looks fine. It is dark, yes, but the contrast is wonderful.

Also, honestly, whenever I look at this and your other works I wonder why your audience is so small. If I ever get a bit more known around deviantART, I'll make sure to promote you. I showed this piece to my friends and they loved it, and most of them were shocked why you only had so few watchers. Your art is amazing and you deserve to be known!
AnastasiaMorning Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015
Will be awesome to read your comis someday.
 Wrighting a scenario is what I actually should do for my stories. I have several stories too, but they are currently very work in progress.
I'll note you with a link to my so you could download the full size Wink/Razz
Thank you very much. I guess I have not so many watchers because I fail at promoting myself. And I probably should draw more fan art.
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July 30, 2015
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